04 April 2016

Essence 02 I care for you

Hey all

**Polish was provided for review**

A few days before getting this in the post I actually found them on a stand in pennys. Once I read "Colour and Care" and "made with natural ingredients" I put them straight back on the shelf thinking they would be sheer 3 coaters that wouldn't even out and look crap on the nails. After trying this one out, 02 I care you you,  I am going back to get some of the others in this line. The formula is incredible! This is 2 coats but you could get away with one. No one is more shocked than I am at that. It's amazing.

I apply two coats of I care for you without a top or basecoat. The formula is amazing as I have already mentioned.  It's slightly thinner so wipe off your brush before applying or it will flood your nails. The one thing that may deter people is the brush. It's really wide meaning you have to apply it with a light hand. This is great for those with wide nail beds but it may be a pain for those with narrow nails. I can cover my thumb in one coat without pressing down too hard on the brush to fan the bristles out. That's how wide it is!

The colour is a pretty pinky nude. It looks great on my pale skin. I haven't seen too many reviews in English but the ones I have rave about the formula. They are more expensive at €2.50 for a 10ml bottle but they are worth it. I've only seen 4 colours on my stand: 01 Take a Break, 02 I care for you, 03 Happy nails and 04 lean on me. There was no space for 05 You made my day so I'm not sure if that's just my stand or that it's not available here. They are well worth checking out.

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