08 April 2016

Ziaja face masks review!

Hey all,

**Product was provided for review**

I was sent out a set of the Ziaja face masks sachets recently. Instead of breaking them up into seperate posts I thought I would combine them into one comprehensive post so you cold compare them yourselves and see which ones you'd like to try yourselves.

Ziaja Sensitive face mask:
A nice face mask. It felt nice while it was on and my skin felt a bit nicer but nothing special.

Ziaja Olive Leaf regenerating mask:
I have tried the Olive leaf mask before and it's nice but I didn't notice any great difference in my skin afterwards. You apply a generous layer for 10-15 minutes and then either rub the excess in or wipe it off. Nice but I'm not crazy about it.

Ziaja Goats Milk face mask:
A thicker mask that with a pleasant smell. This wasn't really suited to my skin but I gave to someone with incredibly dry skin. They liked it but they weren't overwhelmed with the results. Maybe give it a go if you have "regular" dry skin. You might see a bigger difference.

Ziaja Cocoa butter:
Very nice gel like mask. Easy to apply and it has a lovely smell. Works well on dry skin and had some good results after washing it off, The skin seemed softer and smoother than before and the effects lasted longer than most other masks.

Ziaja Rose butter rejuvinating mask with hyaluronic acid:

This was probably my favourite mask. It smells amazing and feels almost like a gel formula. I applied a good bit and left it on overnight. You can either run the excess into your skin or wipe it off with a cotton pad but I tend to leave them on. In the morning my skin felt so much better. It was softer and felt more even and the dry patches were reduced quite a bit. After one use I was really impressed with it. One I will definitely buy again and again.

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